Job Descriptions (Short Form)

Group Service Commitment Descriptions
(Last Updated: December 29, 2019)

Many of these descriptions have been pulled directly from A.A. literature such as the A.A. Service Manual and the pamphlet, “The A.A. Group” and have been added to meet to the needs of the group.

Group Officers

Group Chair – This position guides the overall operation of the group in concert with the officers

Secretary – This position takes and distributes business meeting minutes, maintains and updates member roster, maintains a bulletin board for posting A.A. announcements, bulletins and newsletters and sends out email communications to members.

Treasurer – This position is responsible for receiving, dispersing and reporting on funds for the group. These revenues are generated by group 7th Tradition collections and donations from members. Funds are dispersed as directed by the group conscience.

General Service Representative (G.S.R.) – The General Service Representative has the job of linking his or her group with A.A. as a whole. The G.S.R. represents the voice of the group conscience, reporting the group’s thoughts to the District Committee Member and Delegate, who pass them on to the Conference.  Our group provides financial support for our G.S.R. (and Alt. G.S.R.) to attend Area & Regional service functions.

Group Trusted Servants

Alternate General Service Representative (A.G.S.R.)
Same as G.S.R. and will be a voting member of District and Area committees when the G.S.R. is unable to attend and vote on the group’s behalf. The A.G.S.R. will assume the responsibilities of the G.S.R. at the group level when the G.S.R. is unable to participate or attend. It is the intent that the A.G.S.R. will shadow the G.S.R. during their term so that they may be prepared to step into the role of G.S.R. in the next Area panel rotation, should they wish to and should the group elect them to the G.S.R. position.

Central Office Rep – The Central Office Representative is a voting member of the group trusted servant committee and thus, their duties also include those outlined for committee members.  Attend all Central Office Representative meetings. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each even month at the Harbor Club at 7:00 pm.  Serve as the liaison between Get In The Car and Ft. Worth Central Office.

+ This Position Does Not Have A Committee

Treatment Chair – Treatment chair will serve as the group liaison with the local intergroup (central office), district or area treatment committee. They share this vital service work with home group members and encourage them to join in this responsibility. Additionally, the Treatment Chair will be responsible for securing and scheduling both a male and female sober living commitment for our group.

+ This Position Has A Committee

Corrections Chair – Corrections chair takes part in local intergroup (central office), district or area Corrections committee meetings. They keep their home groups informed about local Twelfth-Step activities in nearby institutions and encourage group Corrections committee members (and other group members) to participate. As part of the temporary contact program known in some areas as Bridging the Gap, they may also serve as correspondents and as A.A. contacts when the inmates are released. The pamphlet “A.A. in Correctional Facilities” and the Corrections Workbook can be of help to A.A.s in corrections service work. Corrections chair will develop and work with a group Corrections committee to involve group members in Corrections efforts in the Area. They will be asked to attend and report to the group their activities at all group business meetings.

+ This Position Has A Committee

CPC/PI Chair – Group Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) / Public Information (PI) chair usually works with the local intergroup (central office), district or area to carry the A.A. message locally. They periodically inform their home groups of local activity and may arrange for group volunteers to participate.

+ This Position Has A Committee

Webmaster – The webmaster will be responsible for managing/updating the group’s website at minimum, twice monthly (more if needed), ensuring all parts of the website contain current/fresh information (e.g., meetings schedules, group information updates), makes changes to the website that reflect modifications to the group conscience master, posts District/Area updates, posts other A.A. related event information.  Additionally, they will ensure all links from the group website are current and in active working order and will add new meetings/events to the website calendar (if applicable).  They will also be responsible for ensuring that the website breaks none of the 12 Traditions and will secure group conscience approval before adding any new sections to the website.

Hospitality Chair – This position will work in concert with group officers to ensure that meetings are setup in a timely manner so that meetings may begin on time. They will also be responsible for tear down and clean up of meetings (with help of their committee), both (setup & tear down) in accordance with the group’s agreement with our landlord. This position will also be responsible for securing refreshments for each meeting, securing two (2) greeters at each meeting. This position will develop a committee of members to assist them in completing their tasks each week.

+ This Position Has A Committee

Dictionary Steward – During group A.A. meetings, this position will look up definitions to words for any member or attendee who needs a word defined for them. They will look up the definition, then go back and re-read the sentence the word in question was from – with the word replaced by the definition. The group will provide this trusted servant with a printed Webster’s dictionary AND a Big Book dictionary.