Hybrid A.A. Meetings

Center of Unity Church, 1650 Hughes Rd., Grapevine, TX 76051 (park in the back of the church and enter from the covered patio)

To join any GITC in-person meeting see date, time and address below and please be prepared to follow our strict health and social distancing guidelinesHand sanitizer and masks will be required and provided.

ZOOM Meeting ID: 946 361 8622 / PW: 751764

Our Primary Purpose

A.A. co-founder, Bill W., said, “Our chief responsibility to the newcomer is a clear and adequate presentation of the program.” The primary purpose of our group is to provide that clear and adequate presentation through the sharing of our rich and personal experiences of its Three Legacies (Recovery [Steps], Unity [Traditions], & Service [Concepts]) with the still suffering alcoholic.

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An excerpt from “A.A. Comes of Age”

“Alcoholics Anonymous works upon the novel principle that a recovered alcoholic can reach and treat a fellow sufferer as no one else can.  In so doing, the recovered alcoholic maintains his own sobriety; the man he treats soon becomes a physician to the next new applicant, thus creating an ever expanding chain reaction of liberation, with patients welded together by bonds of common suffering, common understanding, and stimulating action in a great cause.”

Where & When

When:   Every Friday Night (Hybrid)
Format:   In-Depth Big Book Study*
Meeting Type:   Closed*
Time:   7:30pm – 9:00pm CST (with a 15 minute fellowship break in the middle)
Where:    [In-Person] Center of Unity, 1650 Hughes Rd., Grapevine, TX 76051 (map) / [Virtual] ZOOM Meeting ID: 946 361 8622 | PW: 751764

B.Y.O.B.  (Bring Your Big Book!)

* Last Friday of each month will be an OPEN speaker meeting and member birthday celebration (See Upcoming Speakers)

About Our Group

About Our Name

Our name came from the early days of A.A. where sponsors often said to sponsees, “Get in the Car”– which meant, we’re going to help another alcoholic. THAT – is our 12th Step of recovery.  Our group members are “ALL IN” and committed to helping the still suffering alcoholic* in any way our program of action allows.

* Our group supports A.A.’s “Singleness of Purpose” in that our meetings will only focus on our problems as they relate to alcohol.

The Spirit of Our Group

The guiding philosophy of our A.A. group is to create a family of alcoholics who come together solely focused on the teaching, learning, growing, and practical application of the 36 spiritual principles found in our Steps, Traditions and Concepts of World Service. It is our prayer that we remain diligent in embodying this spirit of all three of our legacies with everything we do, so that we create a space for those who crave that very same fellowship. We believe that our actions speak louder than our words, and members of our group will seek to uphold these spiritual principles and support this family in all they do.

A very wise member of A.A. once said to a group of drunks: “If Jack Alexander* were to come to OUR group, close his eyes, and use what he heard to write a NEW article about A.A…, what would he write?”  It is our hope that every person who is a member of our group keeps this in mind when suiting up and showing up!

(* Jack Alexander wrote the infamous March 1941 Saturday Evening Post article about A.A.)

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Our Commitment to Service

Our group fully participates within the A.A. General Service structure and the Northeast Texas Area 65 of Alcoholics Anonymous by having a General Service Representative (GSR) and Alternate General Service Representative (AGSR) that have been elected to be our group’s voice when business decisions are being made for A.A. in the U.S. and Canada.


GITC Has Made Changes

At our quarterly group conscience meeting yesterday, GITC voted to go back to pre-COVID timing for our Friday night group meetings. Effective this Friday, July 2, 2021, our meeting times will be 7:30pm – 9:00pm CST (with a 15 minute fellowship break in the middle). Additionally, we voted to make our Friday night meetings permanently hybrid (in-person and virtual) so that …

August Newsletter

Greetings from the Get In The Car Group of A.A. https://getinthecar.org News From Our Group and Around A.A. (In alphabetical order) CENTRAL OFFICE REP The Central Office Representative attends all COR meetings monthly to represent GITC. She will be responsible for keeping Central Office informed of any address change, contact information changes, or meeting format or …