At Get In the Car, we believe in sponsorship.  We strongly recommend every member get a sponsor to walk them through the 12 Steps (our program of action) of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Because our group is built on serving all three of our legacies, we also encourage our members to secure a Service Sponsor to help walk them through the 12 Traditions and the 12 Concepts of World Service.  A service sponsor is someone who has given back to the Fellowship of A.A. through their service in areas such a sponsoring people, group service commitments, and service below the group level at the District & Area level.

How Do I Get A Sponsor?

There are several ways to get a sponsor:

1. One, listen in meetings to those sharing, and when you hear someone share, and what they say resonates with you, or you say to yourself, “I want what THEY have” – ask them after the meeting if they are taking on new sponsees.

2. Visit with the meeting chair after one of our meetings and let them know you need to find a sponsor, and they will be happy to help you find one (even if it’s only temporary to get you started).

To learn more about both step and service sponsorship (information on what a service sponsor is can be found on page 25 of the pamphlet), view/download A.A.’s pamphlet:

Questions and Answers on Sponsorship.”